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A well-known cardiac PET manufacturer for more than 30 years, Positron is establishing a unique market position by vertically integrating the fragmented and limited supply environment that exists in the cardiac PET marketplace today. Positron aims to offer nuclear cardiologists an end-to-end, comprehensive, solution that provides our cost-effective Attrius® PET camera, clinical expertise, imaging agents, innovative financing, and a comprehesive service package; conveniently from a single source. We believe Positron's approach in securing the supply chain will bring substantial advantages in accelerating the adoption of cardiac PET and growth of the nuclear cardiology industry.

The demand for cardiac PET is greater than ever before and supply of the radioisotope Strontium-82 (Sr-82), a pre-cursor to the cardiac imaging agent Rubidium-82 (Rb-82), is quickly approaching capacity.  An increase in Sr-82 supply will be the most important factor for the future growth of this superior imaging modality. Industry demands and supply limitations have created significant business opportunities for Positron, enabling the Company to aggressively pursue its strategy of aggregating and integrating each critical component in the cardiac imaging value chain. Positron has focused on increasing the supply of Sr-82 through processing and is currently the only company in the country that possesses the expertise, technical resources and strategic relationships to have an immediate impact on Sr-82 supply.

The Company’s ability to supplement the supply of key radioisotopes, complemented by award winning nuclear imaging technology and clinical services, positions Positron as the industry’s authority in the business of cardiac PET.  Positron has built a strong, autonomous and sustainable business model capable of meeting the global cardiac PET market's current and future demands.  Our continued efforts will secure a profitable future for Positron investors and strengthen our position as the leader in our field. Positron has significant potential earnings power with projected exponential revenue growth and we believe Positron will play a major role in the landscape changes of the nuclear cardiology industry over the next decade.

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