Q1 2021 Update

April 12, 2021

Re: Q1 2021 Update

Dear Positron Shareholders,

As announced last month we are pleased to have retained Skyline Corporate Communications Group as Positron’s investor relations liaison. Skyline will play a large role in our corporate communication efforts to introduce and inform new, perspective and current shareholders of our advancements.  We have worked with them on strategically presenting our message to the financial community in a compelling manner while laying out our vision for Company growth and expected milestones. In only the short time since engagement have been introduced to a number of parties within the investment community who are interested in learning more and potentially joining our future as stakeholders. We believe the team we have established over the past quarter to expand our public stance will greatly improve Positron’s ability to deliver value to all.  

There is little doubt that the current and future trend in the nuclear cardiology industry is shifting from SPECT to PET imaging/diagnostics. This evolution to PET can be attributed to a number of factors such as; improved reimbursement, demand for coronary flow analysis and an overall shift towards better medicine, which takes into account practices seeking a competitive advantage in PET vs. SPECT in the marketplace. An additional key issue which is impacting PET comes from the challenges underway in the SPECT industry due to a lack of radiopharmaceutical supply that is limiting the usability of this lesser yet more utilized imaging modality throughout the world. PET is the proven superior nuclear cardiac technology and Positron is well positioned to meet this new demand of the nuclear cardiology industry.

We continue to focus on increasing sales with a number of opportunities in the pipeline. We are actively seeking a Head of Sales to expand our target reach. We also have made progress on company structure, governance and determining our path to return to being a fully-reporting public company; we will continue to make this a priority of the corporate side of our business.

All at Positron appreciate the support we receive and remain more confident than ever that Positron can and will   
be instrumental in participating and benefiting from the new demand for cardiac PET imaging.   

We will have more to expand on in coming weeks/months and will disseminate any and all material information as it develops. Thank you for your loyal support as Positron enters an exciting new phase of rebuilding and growth.   

Thank you 
Best Regards,
Adel Abdullah
Positron Corporation