Attrius PET & Services

The Attrius was developed to offer the cardiac PET imaging community an affordable choice when comparing the purchase, install and on-going maintenance of a new PET/CT system.  The small design footprint enables Attrius to be placed in hospitals, imaging facilities and offices.   Our system is a more reliable choice when comparing to refurbished and used PET or PET/CT systems.  The Attrius provides high system uptime, minimal radiation exposure and offers a more conclusive diagnosis when compared to SPECT imaging.

New advancements in PET imaging allow for the identification of coronary flow reserve, a measurement that detects the blood flow differences between rest and stress through the coronary arteries.  This information, combined with the perfusion data, can help clinicians determine whether patients will benefit from mechanical revascularization.  

Positron is dedicated to improving the diagnostic process in oncology, neurology, and cardiology. Our scanners are built with versatility in mind so you can image new indications as they are approved for clinical application and reimbursement.

• Low cost of ownership
• Stress/rest protocol of 30 minutes
• Compact footprint – fits in a 15’ x 20’ area
• Proprietary cardiac software package including the ability
  to monitor therapy
• Large list mode buffer allowing for concurrent acquisition of
  flow, perfusion and function in one scan
• Coronary artery overlay display
• 440 pound table capacity
• Integrated INTEL chipset with reconstruction times of 7
  seconds per image set
• Open architecture for new protocol development and
• Quadrax control panels allow multi directional scanner
  access and control


Customer Care Plan

Positron offers world-class customer service and preventative maintenance program, which supports the Attrius PET system.  Positron has been providing world-class customer service and preventative maintenance to our customers for over 20 years. Positron will vigilantly guide you through the entire process of purchasing, site layout, installation, and training. Positron provides on-going clinical support and our service technicians are available around the clock to ensure your Positron system is running at peak performance.

Positron’s scanners have stood the test of time by remaining reliable.  Positron has implemented a total remote access strategy in their Attrius design. Service engineers, applications specialists and our experienced physicians can seamlessly log into the system from anywhere in the world. The total remote access system will improve system uptime and ensure that our customers are provided the highest level of service. Whether service is conducted directly by Positron, or by a local service partner, all technicians receive extensive service training and are authorized, by Positron to service your scanner. In many locations, replacement parts are inventoried locally to insure they are available immediately, so if you experience an issue we can get your scanner back up to peak performance in the shortest amount of time possible.  We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction by offering superior clinical support, guidance and system reliability.

• Priority response
• 24/7 clinical and service support
• After hours maintenance/service available
• Uptime guarantees
• Software upgrades
• Physician interpretation training
• Billing and Prior-Authorization training
• Nurse training
• Physician over reads, post install
• Remote access diagnostic/maintenance capabilities
• ICANL approval assistance
• Protocol documentation support
• 6-month evaluation/assessment
• Industry luminary collaboration
• On-site parts inventory
• Germanium rod replacement


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