Positron Corporation is a nuclear medicine PET Imaging company specializing in the field of cardiac Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging - the gold standard diagnostic test in nuclear cardiology. 

For over 30 years Positron has focused on facilitating the needs of our customers while supporting and advancing cardiac PET.

Positron's state of the art imaging technology and specialized cardiac software has made it a leader in nuclear cardiology offering the only dedicated PET system in the world; the “Attrius”.

Positron's Attrius PET scanner, clinical & technical services and innovative financing solutions enables healthcare providers to more accurately diagnose cardiac disease with improved patient outcomes while practicing cost effective medicine. 


Positron delivers the best imaging technology, clinical support and innovative customer solutions to cardiologists, their practices and patients.  

Positron as the leader in cardiac PET is fully committed to the advancment, adpotion and growth of the modality.