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Positron's latest innovation: a state-of-the-art, 4D imaging device. Positron’s PET-CT is optimal for the collection of data providing improved scan speed and accuracy for analysis.


Through its collaboration with its manufacturing and technology partner Neusoft Medical Systems, Positron will soon offer its new PET-CT system, a state of the art 4D imaging device. Positron’s PET-CT system is based on the latest innovation from Neusoft Medical Systems. Positron entered into a strategic relationship with Neusoft Medical Systems for manufacturing, distribution, and continued R&D advancements of the Positron PET-CT.  In the coming weeks, Positron plans to submit a new device 510K application with the FDA for the certification of Positron’s PET-CT nuclear imaging system.

The scope of the Positron/Neusoft agreement is to further develop the utilization of its PET-CT technology and services for nuclear cardiology while expanding into the field of oncology imaging diagnostics and clinical services.



Positron’s 64-Slice PET-CT combines anatomic and functional imaging for with qualified design and technology, multiple molecular imaging for oncology, neurology and cardiac studies.
Positron’s PET-CT includes proprietary respiratory gating technology, new quantitative analysis tool and new AI-based image reconstruction technology.

Positron’s PET-CT is optimal for the collection of data providing improved scan speed and accuracy for analysis. Further advancements include an integrated molecular imaging platform with advanced workstation, data management and analysis systems provide accurate imaging and multiple functionalities to satisfy the diverse needs of nuclear imaging specialists.


Positron is dedicated to improving the diagnostic process in oncology, neurology, and cardiology.

The Affinity PET-CT is designed for versatility, allowing for the rapid deployment of new imaging protocols as the physician's and patient's needs evolve.

Positron’s innovative approach to expanding the technology enables the rapid implementation of imaging, isotope, and protocol changes at our
customers discretion, ensuring their patients the highest quality and most efficient images possible.

  • Low cost of ownership

  • Stress/Rest protocol in under 30 minutes

  • 4D Images

  • Proprietary software package featuring oncologic serial analysis, cardiac tools, and other advanced visualization features.

  • Large list mode buffer allowing for concurrent acquisition of flow, perfusion, and function in one scan

  • Coronary artery overlay display

  • LYSO Crystal Detector  

  • 64 Slice CT Acquisition

  • 500-pound table capacity

  • 72 CM Bore

  • Integrated INTEL chipset with reconstruction rate of 7 seconds per image set

  • Open architecture for new protocol development and customization

  • Quadrax control panels allow multi-directional scanner access and control

  • Compact footprint – fits in a 25’ x 12’ area


Positron offers world-class customer service and preventative maintenance program.  Positron has been providing world-class customer service and preventative maintenance to our customers for almost 40 years. Positron will vigilantly guide you through the entire process of purchasing, site layout, installation, and training. Positron provides ongoing clinical support and our service technicians are available around the clock to ensure your Positron system is running at peak performance.

  • Priority response

  • 24/7 clinical and service support

  • After-hours maintenance/service available

  • Uptime guarantees

  • Software upgrades

  • Physician interpretation training

  • Billing and Prior-Authorization training

  • Nurse training

  • Physician over reads, post install

  • Remote access diagnostic/maintenance capabilities

  • ICANL approval assistance

  • Protocol documentation support

  • 6-month evaluation/assessment

  • Industry luminary collaboration

  • On-site parts inventory

  • Germanium rod replacement

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